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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> darya: 6:00 a.m. the big stories of emergency proclamations and some bay area cities after the release storm credit splitting. >> mark: searching for suspects in a bombing. >> darya: president barack obama will be explaining the military mission in libya. they're closing in on the gaddafi's hometown. >> mark: majormajor changes in r mother. >> louisa: we are trying a note, most locations as a dry start and that's the way will stay through the afternoon. clearing through the afternoon in slightly warmer today. that warmouth continues as we head through the work week. by midweek we could squeeze out
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maybe some 80 spirit to temperatures holding on to the 40's for the most part, 47 hayward, south bay temperatures and to low 50s. no radar ogreenr radar. we will see some clouds and loss of sunshine by the afternoon. we will warm up to 59 degrees in san francisco, but in the south bay and places like concord getting into the mid 60s today. that warming trend will continue, as we head and your tuesday we will see a lot more sunshine as well. slight chance of sprinkles on the north bay but at this point looks like it point will pass to the north of us. it looks like we could warm up close to that 70 mark,
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not quite getting their but almost. today warming in to the mid-60s 64 now, fairfield, 66 concord, 62 degrees of this like oakland redwood city, mountainview as well. here is a 7 day around bay, as we head towards midweek winter into the '70s, and then on thursday we connection warm up to about 80 degrees on some of the warmer inland spots. '70s around the bay, an abundance of sunshine by mid-week. we cool it off by friday, saturday bringing in the next chance of rain. >> george: it hasn't warm up in the traffic center, and things are quiet no problems, no hot spots, no delays really. heavy traffic through the altamont on 580, getting to the bridges when found no problem, light and easy traffic no meter lights and no problems on the approaches. san
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mateo bridge ride to tha good re nimitz still look good at 92. golden gate bridge ride is an easy one as well. has your trip to san francisco? light traffic here. ace train is back in service this morning, it had been out of service last week because of mudslides those have all been cleared out. >> darya: talk about damage, we tell lot of flooding, several areas are cleaning out from last big storms, including here in capitola pie. to flash floods st downtown and neighborhood trailer park after pipe filled during thursday's storm. we followed it then and we will
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follow and now with the cleanup in capitola. >> craig: there was 3 ft. of water lots of mud. what remains are businesses that are at a mass. these two businesses aren't example. this collectable store, it pretty much has been cleaned up inside but cleaned out as it cleared things out. the gallery next door little worse, you can see the condensation because of the moisture inside. all the stuff you see here that has built up this is common up and down the downtown area. some businesses saying they lost 10,000, 60,000. some people say they lost a million dollars' worth of paintings. they headed to a town
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meeting yesterday trying to find out what kind of outside help they can get from the mouth. the city officials say they are working on that. for now it is cleaning up what is left, a see several cars trucks go by the last hour. nothing else going on around here about perhaps getting a jump on planning map. they will have a lot more work to clean up the mess that was made. >> darya: we talk about people whose homes flooded. the insurance company said it was an act of nature. have you talked to the business owners are they covered? >> craig: that is a question i will ask when they open up again. insurance is all wild card. federal help is what they're trying to get. >> darya: we will check in with your letter. >> mark: mudslide in some
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popple, cohn says you can see many people saying: it's during the day but cannot stay there at night. they are declaring in an area of a major concern. it is a local emergency. many neighbors are fearful trees are expected to remove today since some of the more lenient towards home spiri. >> darya: they're looking for somebody who planted a pipe bomb in a newspaper. it exploded as a man picked it up. >> reporter: this is where the man picked up his newspaper, where the bomb went off. you can sue the crater, it hasn't gotten bigger because investigators dug deeper to gather evidence. the man was airlifted to a hospital. his son of family came home from hospital sunday night, they didn't want to talk. >> do think it's targeted? >> i'm sure the police
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department knows more. >> reporter: the victim's hand was severely injured, he was bleeding from his head and leg. the man is expected to survive, in vacaville dahlin kron 4 news. >> darya >> mark: libya was targeted by air strikes. they could hear the bombing in the morning but there was no fighting reported in the streets or in a sense of the rebel forces. 60 mi. of the city as you see some of the video of the coalition forces as a bomb targets. turkish prime minister says turkey will take over the running of the airport in the city of and gauzy, they will facilitate humanitarian aid. president barack obama taking to the airways to explain the military mission and libya just over a week after ordering forces to protect the forces
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from gaddafi's onslaught. he will stress nato and arab allies are taking over the lead and will bear the burden of the protection. u.s. forces will continue to play a role which could last for months. you to watch it on kron 4 at 4:30 p.m. >> darya: 6:00 a.m., we will be back in a couple of minutes todayto get you going this monday morning. clear skies and we will have a good day today. a lot of sunshine and it keeps getting warmer and warmer until thursday we will be right back.
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mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> darya: back to court today for barry bonds, this week they will call his former mistress,
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and former trainer. last week larry bowers was on the stand for four hours. he was testifying about the human growth hormone and the changes it can cause in the body. the prosecution alleges his feet, hands, head route due to use of h. g. age. >> mark: after months of negotiation the special election fade is uncertain as the gop releasing their list of 50 policy and budget reforms the republicans won in exchange for their votes to get a brown's plan on a june ballot. the wish list covers of a range of proposals, and clothesthey're sg they are ready to pursue other
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options. >> darya: japan is concerned about radioactive water, they think it could take weeks has to be removed and safely stored before the camera cool the system. contamination has spread a mile further north than before. that leak may have reached across the pacific ocean to the atlantic coast. rain water and massachusetts has increased radiation. the health department says of locally came from the nuclear power plant japan but the levels are very low, they are unlikely to cause health problems. another earthquake in japan, it
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triggered a tsunami advisory. this camera shaking and the advisory warning popping up. it struck yesterday afternoon off the coast of japan's largest island. the same coast line took the brunt of the 9.0 damage that hit earlier in the month. >> mark: today is the 32nd anniversary of the worst nuclear anniversary of the three mile island can't plant had them all down. small amounts of radiation had escaped and nobody was immediately heard of the accident had an impact on the nuclear industry at the time. the accident is marked each year with the vigil, this year it will be dedicated to the japan earthquake and tsunami. we will be right back alive look from san francisco, and no rain in traffic is moving smoothly.
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>> reporter: this justin, in ohio but trained tank car fell off a bridge. it is causing a huge problem because the tank car is carrying ammonia, it could be leaking. there is evacuation order in effect. highway and state patrol is telling the news organizations there are 97 cars, some of them with hazardous materials. several streets are closed within the evacuations zone. pets and animals have been taken to animal hospital spirit they had to be removed, emergency crews have been on the way, has mapped has been on the scene, the cleanup could take
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about two days. i will try to give everyone updated information and a few moments. for now your weather report is looking good. >> louisa: a big warmup come it we, i thought i would start you off to see what you endured the past seven days. the rainfall totals, in san francisco 3 in., rain around novato close to 6 in., santa rosa 3 in., some with napa. most locations up boards of 2 in. of rain over the past seven days. very different picture this week. not a raindrop in sight, waking up to a dry forecast. temperatures are sitting in the '40's, still holding on to the 30's in places like napa, in san rosa, down mountain view, warming up to 50 degrees. satellite and radar
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shows lake region this continues through midweek. they continued to skyrocket each day you will notice ta getting warmer. today mid-60s. 64 not bought, fairfield, in the auction.antio. 7 day around the bay shows tomorrow warming to the upper '60s, '70s by wednesday, thursday will be the warmest day of the work week. we are forecasting east. '70s around the bay in and a slight cool them by the end of the weekenweo the weekend. >> george: no hot spots yet and no metering lights at the bay bridge. we are minutes away from
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seeing them activated even with traffic is light as it is. light traffic on the approaches as well. san mateo bridge ride has been problem free but the volume is building as you can see. a big increase in the amount of traffic here at this san mateo bridge. no problems on the approach. cool and gate bridge the right there looks good as well. in san francisco disruption to the cable car service on all three lines, the california street line has been down for months now and will be down until june. they are doing repairs there. they will run shuttle buses instead of cable cars over the entire line. the poll-hyde line has limited service until friday. >> darya: take look at these pictures a landslide cents a
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boulder onto a car in san francisco it happen over the weekend. it went down the hillside and love this huge gaping hole on the side of the health. here it is at the bottom, after hitting a white car. the hillside became too soggy and could not support all of those rocks. another bowlder fell inches away from car, neighbors are shocked and not because they could hear the crash sounds. this is the daughter of santa cruz, of your shot this from his iphone. all of that mud through the streets. some neighbors lost plans but no significant damage. >> mark: a sailboat capsized his killing two and injuring others. it happened on the west end of shelter island. injured were
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taken to hospital, two men in the '50s, '60s were killed the cause is under investigation. disney cruise line employee has gone missing. she was last seen on tuesday, she disappeared after making a phone call on board the ship. the ship wonder left without her on board. they met with her parents who flew to california, they collected her belongings and tried to get an update. the coast guard and the mexican navy are involved in the sure.a search. >> darya: we will be right back eye shot format craig
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>> mark: a very exciting seven
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day forecast. mid-60's partly cloudy today, maybe a sprinkler to tomorrow but nothing major. thursday near 80, friday mid- 70s. it should be good for the a's home opener. no big storm are on the rise in for the next seven days. details of a man who died yesterday morning in a shooting near san francisco's matt market has been identified. he was shot and killed this happened yesterday between fifth, and sixth. he died shortly after the shooting at another victim was transferred to the hospital and treated for injuries. >> darya: a man was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds on sycamore street.
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police are investigating with no details at this time. 6:27 a.m., we will be back with more of a couple of minutes a live look at the san mateo bridge. it is nice and clear.
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>> mark: opening bell the dow is slightly positive with the report coming out about consumer spending and consumer incumbent on the rise in february. wheat closed up 50 points on friday. the number everybody is watching are the temperatures this week. >> louisa: with temperatures warming up into the 80s as we head towards mid week. slight warming today the big news is we are drying out. we are clearing out today. and that big warmup kicks into gear wednesday
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nexthis week. we are starting off trying continuing that for the day. the temperatures today currently in the '40's, in the napa valley we are holding on to the upper 30's. we have a slight richmond and will contribute to warm up. we will progressively, more this week until we hit 80 in some of the warmer spots by thursday for today for morning clouds mostly sunny into the afternoon. down in to san jose, concord we are warming up in to the mid-60s. certainly a nice warm up there, as we head into tomorrow, we will see partly sunny conditions a slight chance of north bay sprinkles but it will stay to the north of our area we should stay dry.
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continuing with that warming trend, we warm up more than that midweek. your afternoon highs for today shows the warmer spots will be in the mid-60's, 61 richmond, temperatures around the coast 57 degrees, here is the 7 day around bay, the trend wednesday aheacertaina good half a >> george: light traffic get the bay bridge. not only light here but around the bay area we have not truck in the hot spots. 580 was thick through the altamont pass has cleared up.
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they may have activated the metering lights because we are starting to see a bit of a back up. the catchline still look it. the san mateo bridge, still problem free here not much in the way of changes. 13 minute drive time over to foster city. upper to lower the shore freeway ride is a little bit more volume on the freeways. it always flows through the s curve, still a good drive time. the golden gate bridge ride no problems 41013 marin county that is an easy trip, public transit, their art changes to the cable car schedule this morning. but otherwise trains are on time. >> mark: clean-up continues in many areas around the bay after
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the storms last week. capitola the hardest hit. there were to flash floods sweeping through downtown in neighboring trailer park after field pipe. >> craig: this stage you can see downtown the mud in the 3 ft. of water are kron. what's left is the trash. this city block almost covered the net. it is like this in much of downtown capitola. here is that collectibles store, it is sparse and side everything damage has been removed. next door is a gallery, you can see the moisture on the windows. there is bad damage here. people seem day lost $10,000, to a million dollars' worth of damage. all
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the water and mud. the city is hoping to get federal emergency money to pay for some of the damages. whether or not insurance will play pay for dama'n question. we will wait and see what happens with that. they will continue cleanup as recovery continues. >> darya: 635 v m developing story out of some publisan pablo landslides continue to be a problem. to homes were on the verge of sliding down the hall after days of torrential rains. homeowners a all the damage happen in less than 36 hours. will tran is in the neighborhood. he tells us more
6:36 am
on how the home owners are a threat >> will: nerd.a family of four l be waking up a hotel after home was a yellow tag. this is one of six homes that have been yellow tag. three on top of the hill, three beneath. city engineers say the homes have not been structurally damaged. that doesn't matter, if the ground beneath them continues to slide and shift. >> darya: power is back up and running in yosemite after nearly a week of storm related damages and outages. it was closed for three days as power lines fell, trees were blocking the roads. buildings were forced to rely on new emergency generators. everything is fully operational with the exceptional of the campgrounds. >> mark: vacaville man injured
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after pipe bomb explodes out of his newspaper. the man was picking up the newspaper in his driveway when the bomb exploded. the unidentified man was airlifted to a hospital injuries unknown at this point. if was the evacuation of surrounding homes and police are unclear on whether this attack was random or if he was targeted. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. a live look at walnut creek. all is clear in the creek. we will be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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in the network there are no hard choices.
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och >> darya: taking a look at their current temperatures it is a chilly morning. it seems like everybody is hovering around the 40's. the coldest in napa 37
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degrees. but we are looking for big bricks of sunshine today in a big break from the sunshine. >> mark: new this morning san francisco's cable cars will not be available to traverse this week. will tran is live to shows why they are not rolling out. >> will: it is because they need to do maintenance work. i just got done talking to workers, they said they are working on the electrical line to make sure cables are safe for tourists. they chose this week to do what. they have been here for quite some time. the story line has been shut down and will continue to be shut down until june. if you want to hop onto the cable car one line is
6:42 am
working that how wall-tide line. hthe paul-hyde line. >> mark: thank you for the update. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. i shot from our roof. you can see how clear it is. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> darya: 6:45 a.m. i want to show you how high the water. this sky actor is floating next to these tables that are right up to the bottom with water. you
6:46 am
can see all of the rain they got in the area. more than they could handle in this last round of storms. this time we will get a break. >> reporter >> louisa: the good news is it is trying out today, by midweek we will warm up nicely. by the afternoon we will clear out see lots of sunshine. mid-week will bring us up pretty big warmup. rainfall totals over the past seven days. this is how much rain has fallen over the past seven days. check out and filled in for the novato field 6 in. of rain in total. elsewhere it looks like most locations lot of boards of 2 in. of rain. certainly a different picture
6:47 am
this morning. dry conditions right across the board. 48 san francisco, santa rosa, napa, down and mountain view we are to 50 degrees. satellite radar shows us region. bringing temperatures up just slightly tariffs you'll notice owe them warm. it will be a sunny and warm forecast for the week. your afternoon highs into the '60s, 64 for fairfield, down to san jose as well. 62 in redwood city, you're 7 day around bay. shows more sunshine on its way.
6:48 am
upper 60s '70s by wednesday. it could be beach whether on thursday getting up to 80 is. >> george: westbound ride is not backed up to speak of, some slowing here, there's a disabled big rig before the metering lights. that should not affect the overall rise to the bay bridge. they cannot slow the meter lights if the problem is before them and not after. no hot spots around the bay area this morning the san mateo bridge ride looks good. the volume is building in both directions been no delays to the bridge. fifth will give you an update on your ride to the crs, no closures aren't affected. interstate 80 snow chains, but
6:49 am
chains are required on highway 4 and 88. still tracking a good commute for public transit. >> mark: the supreme court will hear arguments on wal-mart. they want justice to plot a discrimination lawsuit from becoming a class action lawsuit. a group of female employees say they have them paid last repeatedly passed over for promotions. they are seeking class-action status. they are not citing the merits of the case just weather cat class action lawsuit can proceed. >> darya: consumers spent more in very fastest in four months.
6:50 am
commerce department says spending rose 0.7 percent last month. personal income also 1.3%. that is the 1.2 increase in january which is the biggest in nearly two years. both gains reflect the social security tax cut which boosted personal income. >> mark: if you want read everything free from the new york website users who do not subscribe to the printed newspaper or the digital paper plant will be limited to how much content to concede free. the time say they can choose from three digital packages ranging from 15 to $35 a month. the home page will remain free. >> darya: regulators will scrutinize the cell of team mobil to at&t. however a could
6:51 am
be good news for customers. james lee tells us why. >> gabe: at&t is buying team mobil for $39 billion. it will make at&t the largest of phone carrier in the united states. this acquisition will give them a hundred and 25 million wireless subscribers. it will put them ahead of verizon. it will mean at&t with surf mall will phones. here's what current customers need to know. it needs gate regulated. the sec and the department of justice may sign off. they may turn it down if they think at&t will have to much power and control in the market. if it goes through it will likely take one year to approve an officially goes through. in the mediimmediate
6:52 am
future it will go through. will it improve mobile phone reception, and performance. it should. it should greatly improve both the networks if they combined. but what about those cheap wireless plans? a lot of consumers signed up for their great low-cost pailiplan.s likely those will go away. they have set up a page with facts with commons questions and answers. to check this out log onto >> mark: it could take up to a year before regulatory approval is given. we will be right back. a live look outside 80 at truckee.
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>> darya: these are britney spears fans they were waiting for hours in this line that went about three blocks down from where she played three songs. everybody wanted to see it because it was free if you got a ticket. and i understand some people got free tickets and sold them. it was a big deal because it comes out the day before her new cd was released. the fans are satisfied. >> i'm excited to see her because she's an amazing. >> she's at sensational person. >> brittany has been out of the scene for so long, so many people have talked about here but this is her big comeback.
6:57 am
>> i'm excited, i was hoping it was going to be in the castro. everybody within dressed up. >> darya: was going to be in castro and the were going to have a couple of songs played out in an open-air because then she could make music videos. but because of the whether they changed it. >> mark: a lot of people went to the movies, the family's legal the diary of a wind beat ken brown and 24 million. coming in second sucker punch 19 million. limitless fell to no. 3 in 15 million. we will be right back. a live look from mt. tam.
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